Smart Charging Solutions​

We enable electric vehicle drivers to charge their cars faster, greener and cheaper.

Our solutions

The vendor-independent Smart Charging Solution from FLEXeCHARGE consists of two components. The Smart Charging Gateway in the center acts as the local extension of the Smart Charging Platform, which offers a transparent view into the charging infrastructure and additional services.

The purpose of the local Smart Charging Gateway is to integrate data from external power meters, solar inverters and/or battery storage systems. Further, the Gateway integrates with all AC and DC charging stations and performs the load management locally, making the system more robust against temporally internet outages.

Open Smart Charging solution that is tailored
to the infrastructure owner's needs.

Infrastructure Partners

Are you an installer, a system integrator or a charge point management system provider? We want to be your partner in Smart Charging.

With our open, future-proof, and vendor-independent smart charging solutions, we help you become a total solution provider and integrate seamlessly with all surrounding systems.

Infrastructure Owners

You can access to all our smart charging services based on our load management module that optimizes the operation of your charging infrastructure. The flexible design of our platform allows for fast customization and unlimited scalability. You will be able to charge faster, greener & cheaper.

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Get Started!

Smart Charge Gateway

  • Local Dynamic Load Management
  • Building & PV Integration
  • Phase based load management
  • Prioritization
  • Sequential charging
  • Multi-Clustering

Smart Charge Platform

  • Remote Monitoring
  • Configuration & Service
  • Dynamic Prioritization
  • Solar charge scheduling
FLEXeCHARGE brain load management

Individual Projects

  • Project Analysis and Commissioning
  • Integration EV API
  • Integration Fleet Systems
  • Automated Charge Scheduling


We have designed a special launch package for our first customers that offers a low-threshold opportunity for both our channel partners and customers.

Multi-vendor Compatibility

FLEXeCHARGE is well known for its flexibility and easy integration. Our Smart Charging platform validates and ensures compatibility with more than 20 vendors and more.

Charge point management systems
Power meters
Charging Station Manufacturers
Solar Inverters

What our customers say

Thomas Wagner CEO @ in-tech smart charging GmbH

Our partnership with FLEXeCHARGE has been a perfect match for us. We bring a solid, well-proven charge controller, and they provided us with a state-of-the-art smart charging solution that includes all the required features to run a modern EV infrastructure intelligently. The integration and testing process with FLEXeCHARGE was very smooth. We are using their solution ourselves at our company parking lot, and our employees have reported faster charging times.

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