FLEXeCHARGE. The complete EV Load Management Solution

FLEXeCHARGE Cloud Load Management
  • AI enhanced Predictive Charging
  • Event-driven Load Management
  • Interface to Charging Backend Solutions
FLEXeCHARGE Local App Load Management
  • Event-driven Load Management
  • Integrated in the Charge Controller

The two alternatives can also be combined into a powerful hybrid system. We help you find the solution that best suits your needs.

Why FLEXeCHARGE Load Management?

Load Management

Our AI ensures that the solution gets optimized every day.

Value Creation

Increase the value of your solution without additional hardware.


Get an off-the-shelf load management solution now with all required features.

No up-front investment

Pay only for what you need, starting from 1€/Charge Point/Month.

Benefits & User Experience


Installer-friendly configuration

Super intuitive configuration wizard. You can configure all charging points by configuring one.

AI-based ux

User Experience

The system operates self-contained and interacts with the user when required.

Up to 255 charge points


Get maximum scalability for large scale destination infrastructures.

All in one


One partner for all platforms, all types of load management and all areas of application.

Take Load Management to the next level

Features & Plans

Features Static Load Management Dynamic Load Management Predictive Charging 
API Interfaces
Dynamic Current Distribution 
Static Prioritization
Multilevel Load Management
Phase-based Load Management
External Power Meter Integration
Integration of Energy Managment Systems
Real-time charge Scheduling
AI-based EV Charging pattern prediction
AI-based User Behavior prediction
Integration of Tariffs and PV production forecast
Battery Lifetime optimization
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Interested in getting intelligent load management?

Get started in three easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Specification

    Schedule a meeting with our team to define the architecture and the load management you would like to run.

  • Step 2 - Integration

    Send us your hardware or an API to your EV charging backend, and we will connect the load manager to your solution.

  • Step 3 - Testing

    Test the Load Manager within your EV charging solution.


Our Solutions

Our white label Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions are designed to offer load management wherever needed to complement EV charging offerings.

load management

Load Management

Different charging applications require load management solutions. Our cutting-edge IoT based software ranges from Static to Dynamic to Predictive Load Management to fulfil every customer need.  



The modular software architecture adapts to your needs. We can integrate our load management software solutions in a Cloud Backend, on a local Gateway or directly on the local EV Charge Controller. Our dedicated onboarding program provides with Demo on your charging architecture.

Load energy management
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