Done Charging

With the done charging feature enabled, the Load Manager is able to determine when an EV has finished charging while the EV is still connected to the charging station. If the done charging feature is not used, the allocated charge current for that EV would be wasted.

With done Charging, this situation can be detected. Then, the allocated charge current for that EV is reallocated to other charging stations, which are still in charging state so that these can charge faster with higher charge currents.

In the event that an EV, which is in the Done Charging state, requires to return to the charging state, the Load Manager has a build-in Done Charging Duration after which it offers the EV to continue charging. By default, the Done Charging Duration parameter is set to 900s (15min). This means that an EV that is in the Done-Charging state gets the opportunity to continue charging every 15 minutes. The default Done Charging Duration can be changed to a custom value.  In addition, the Done-Charging function comes with the Done-Charging Timeout, which specifies the duration during which the EV should be offered some charging current, see Figure 4.


Figure 4