The instances of the Load Manager, which are part of a local area network, can be separated into independent load management clusters, which act entirely independently from each other. For each cluster, a separate individual maximum cluster current can be defined, and the available charge power is allocated within a particular cluster without considering the state of other clusters. This may be used for situations where charge currents for a specific number of charge points shall be limited or where all charging stations are connected to the same LAN but have different electrical supply topologies. Figure 2 shows an example where four charging stations are separated into two clusters with two charging stations in each cluster. Here all charging stations belong to the same LAN, but the load management for each cluster is defined and executed for each cluster individually. For each cluster, a maximum cluster current can be defined, which is then allocated between the charging stations within that cluster. An example for the configuration of clusters is given in Section 13.3.2.

Figure 2

Figure 5 - example two clusters


Example of two clusters with two Load Manager instances each.