FLEXeCHARGE Load Management

Local App ®

Making charging faster and more efficient.

Local App ®

Our white-label Local App is designed to manage charge loads instantaneously. You can connect up to 255 charging stations in a local charging infrastructure and offer faster charging, allowing you to install more charging stations without costly grid extensions. Our prioritization feature allows even faster charging for VIP charge points. We are making the configuration as easy as possible for the installer through our configuration interface and offer remote monitoring via OCPP or our remote dashboard.

Features & Benefits

Load Management

Smart architecture

Multilevel Clustering

It offers to map the supply typology precisely and adjust the charging currents for a number of charge points in the same local area network.

50% faster charging

Adaptive Charging

The Load App detects differences between the allocated charging current and the actual charging current drawn by the EV to redistribute the remaining current to the cluster.

VIP Charging


It offers the possibility to provide VIP charging for a dedicated user group.

User Experience

Installer-friendly configuration

Super intuitive configuration wizard. You can configure all charging points by configuring one.

The solution that fits your needs.

The FLEXeCHARGE Load Management Local App ® solution is hardware-independent and suitable for all types of infrastructures.

Local App

Run the load management Local App straight on each charge controller to form a decentralized load management network, which is easily scalable and does not need a central control instance.

Local App

Use a local gateway to run the Local App, completely independent of a backend system.

Extend Local App

Load App +
Cloud backend

Extend the local application with our cloud backend.
Integrate our platform into your EV charging backend system and use existing OCPP links for charge point communication.

Features Static Averaging Dynamic Averaging
API Interfaces
User firendly Configuration on a single device 
Inter-charge-point Communication
Dynamic Current Distribution 
Static Prioritization
Queing / First-Come-First-Served
Multilevel Load Management
Done Charging Detection
Phase-based Load Management
External Power Meter Integration
Integration of Energy Managment Systems

Get the FLEXeCHARGE Local App on the in-tech Charge Control C

Thanks to the partnership between in-tech smart charging and FLEXeCHARGE, you can now bring your smart charging station to the market faster. FLEXeCHARGE has integrated its state-of-the-art Load Management platform into the proven in-tech smart charging’s charge controller. The Charge Control C is an IEC 61851 and ISO 15118 compliant charge controller, developed to work in every type of AC charging station.

Interested in getting intelligent load management?

Get started in three easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Specification

    Schedule a meeting with our team to define the architecture and the load management you would like to run.

  • Step 2 - Integration

    Send us your hardware and we will install the Local App to your solution.

  • Step 3 - Testing

    Test the Local App within your EV charging solution.


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