Charge Scheduler®

Optimize energy costs and CO2 emissions.

Charge Scheduler®

Our white-label charge scheduler plans charging sessions in advance or at EV arrival times to reduce peak loads, energy costs and CO2 emissions.  The charge scheduler compiles a charge schedule with respect to a chosen target function and the given input parameters integrated through our API. The event-based architecture of the charge scheduler minimizes communication overhead, while it ensures that the charging infrastructure is always real-time responsive in case of deviations from a planned charging schedule.

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Reduce costs and CO2 emissions to the maximum with FLEXeCHARGE Charge Scheduler®, the data-driven solution. 

Load Scheduler

Connect your EV charging backend to the Charge Scheduler through our WebAPI and receive on-demand charging schedules

Load Scheduler

Send and receive user information through a local gateway, which runs the charge scheduler.

Load Scheduler

Schedule the charging of a EV straight on the charge controller.

FLEXeCHARGE brain load management

Supported charge scheduling types:

Load flattening

Reduction of peak loads to minimize infrastructure costs and performance prices for larger charging parks.

Tariff integration

Moving the charging sessions to off-peak times to utilize lower energy prices.

Photovoltaic production forecast integration

Intelligent connection of Solar system with the charging infrastructure to minimize costs and CO2 emissions.
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Get started for free in three easy steps:

Step 1

Schedule a meeting with our team to define the architecture and the charge schedulling you would like to run.

Step 2

Send us your hardware or an API to your EV charging backend, and we will connect the Charge Scheduler to your solution.

Step 3

Test the Charge Scheduler within your EV charging solution.

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FLEXeCHARGE Charge Scheduler Solution

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We are currently exploring the combination of Charge Scheduler with an AI based prediction tool to forecast parking duration and energy demand and are looking for partners to test the solution.

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