The FLEXeCHARGE Load management software stack is platform independent and adaptable to all solution architectures.

We are the only hardware independent load management provider that offers a solution that is deployable in the cloud as well as on local gateways or even the charge controller inside the charging station.

Our customers remain in charge of their core product and customer interface while utilizing the FLEXeCHARGE load management software in an infrastructure software as a service model to maximize their value.

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Charge controller based Load Management

Ideal for Charing Station Manufactures which seek differentiation through smart charging services.

Arguably the most beautiful option to offer load management. Directly installed on the EV Charge Controller (EVCC) inside the charging station and out-of-the-box ready to run.

The software stack can be installed any modern EVCC with an integrated application processor. No additional hardware is required.

The FLEXeCHARGE controller-based software stack offers to connect up to 255 charging stations in a distributed load management network with no single point of failure and differentiated cluster and prioritization options.


Gateway based Load Management

Ideal for System Integrators.

The local Gateway functions as the central processing hub for the load management. Each charging station communicates its status with the gateway and receives an order for the charging process.

A variety of readily available hardware platforms are suitable as a gateway. For example, Raspberry PI industrial computers or the TQ System Energy Manager with integrated power meter.

With an integrated power meter, the gateway based load management system can  be modularly extended to a full smart home energy control unit.

Application Areas:

Cloud based Load Management

Ideal for Backend Provider and System Integrators.

The Cloud is the native environment of customer centric e-mobility charging services. On-demand interaction with the user, central processing of authorization, user management and billing options build the foundation of charging services.

With the FLEXeCHARGE webservice we extend the range of functionalities to load management and scheduling. Our load management web service offers a generic API interface to your charging cloud backend.

Based on input of each charging request our webservice returns the optimal charge currents to charge the EV as fast as possible or a schedule to optimize charging costs. Our customer remains fully in charge of the customer interaction.

cloud based load management
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