System Integrators

We support you on the journey of becoming a solution provider for smart home energy integrations. 

With our gateway load management software solution, you can offer your customers the dynamic integration of the charging stations with photovoltaic systems and energy tariffs.

system integrators load management


Local gateway controller ensures low latencies and independence of the internet connection.


The system works with different charging stations.


The decentral load management system comes with no single point of failure and is easy to install since the charging stations equipped with the FLEXeCHARGE software find themselves and connect to each other over the LAN

Load energy management

Fast Onboarding

FLEXeCHARGE has partnered with TQ-Systems to offer an out-of-the-box ready gateway solution for dynamic pv integration and pv prioritized charging. The system gateway comes with an integrated power meter and a variety of protocols.

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