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From the charge management inside your charging infrastructure to the administration of charge points and integration of 3rd party solutions– FLEXeCHARGE has you covered. ​

Start Module​

Smart Charge Gateway

Get the most reliable hardware for local dynamic load management.

  • Local Dynamic Load Management
  • Building & PV Integration
  • Phase based load management
  • Prioritization
  • Sequential charging
  • Multi-Clustering

Easy integration of charging stations, charge point management systems, external power meters, and solar inverters through one local device.


The platform has real-time problem detection and automatic failure recovery algorithms. Your charging infrastructure can be operational in a matter of minutes without the need for on-site maintenance.

ux load management

Our web portal allows you to monitor all charging processes in real time and check the status information of individual charging stations at any time.


Future-proof your infrastructure with our lifelong guarantee and regular service through remote updates to ensure near 100% uptime of your gateway.

Smart Charging Service

  • Central portal for configuration, monitoring and performance analysis ​
  • Dynamic current distribution between the charge points ​
  • Integration of the building consumption​
  • Multiple solar charging modes ​
  • Phase based load management​
  • Prioritization [VIP charging], Queuing ​
  • Multilevel clustering ​
  • Automatic scheduling
    Available from Q3 22
  • Solar prognosis charging
    Available from Q4 22
  • User App
    Available from Q1 22
  • Dynamic tariff optimization
    Available from Q1 23

Load flattening


We work together with the best providers of Charge Point Management Systems (CPMS) for Authorization and Billing. Book the solution you need direktly through FLEXeCHARGE


OEM Solutions ​

Different Requirements for your electric vehicle charging business?  

We offer a range of smart charging solutions.  Schedule a meeting to find out more.

Decentral Load Manger

For Charging Station Manufacturers, we offer our Decentral Load Manger, which is installed directly on the charge controller.

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