Decentral Load Manager

The only Load Management software designed for AC and DC charge controllers available on the market.

Smart Charging directly on the charging station.

The Decentral Load Manager is designed to manage charge loads instantaneously. You can connect up to 255 charging stations in a local charging infrastructure and offer faster charging, allowing you to install more charging stations without costly grid extensions.

Our prioritization feature allows even faster charging for VIP charge points. We are making the configuration as easy as possible for the installer through our configuration interface and offer remote monitoring via OCPP or our remote dashboard.



Think Big

Get maximum scalability for large scale destination infrastructures. 

Add value

Enhance your solution without additional hardware.


Integrate a load management software with all required features now and easily.


No up-front investment. Pay only per sold charge controller.

Features & Specifications

Main features


Supported Load Management policies: Static Averaging, Dynamic Averaging*
Primary application Area: Destination Charging Infrastructures
Supported platforms: In-tech charge control C, armhf, x86_32, x86_64; Others on request
Operating system: Linux; Others on request
Size, Typical memory usage: < 1 MB, 1 MB
Interfaces: HTTP webAPI, MQTT

All features

The FLEXeCHARGE Decentral Load Manager is designed to offer static and dynamic load management for charging infrastructures with multiple charge points.

Features Static Averaging Dynamic Averaging
API Interfaces
User firendly Configuration on a single device 
Inter-charge-point Communication
Dynamic Current Distribution 
Static Prioritization
Queing / First-Come-First-Served
Multilevel Load Management
Done Charging Detection
Phase-based Load Management
External Power Meter Integration
Integration of Energy Managment Systems

Get the Decentral Load Manager on the in-tech Charge Control C

Thanks to the partnership between in-tech smart charging and FLEXeCHARGE, you can now bring your smart charging station to the market faster. FLEXeCHARGE has integrated its state-of-the-art Load Management platform into the proven in-tech smart charging’s charge controller. The Charge Control C is an IEC 61851 and ISO 15118 compliant charge controller, developed to work in every type of AC charging station.

Smart Charging Out-of-the-box

Interested in getting Smart Charging?

Get started in three easy steps:

  • Step 1 - Specification

    Schedule a meeting with our team to define the architecture and the load management you would like to run.

  • Step 2 - Integration

    Send us your hardware and we will install the Decentral Load Manager to your solution.

  • Step 3 - Testing

    Test the Decentral Load Manager within your EV charging solution.

FLEXeCHARGE Decentral Smart Charge Manager

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