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Who we are

We are specialists in what we do because our goal is to make your work and your life easier, empowering your business with the best load management solution for ev charging in the market.

We are experiencing not only a revolution in terms of mobility, but also in terms of energy. FLEXeCHARGE was born in response to the growing energy demand of electric vehicles, high costs and environmental threats, and looking for a FLEXIBLE, SMART, AFFORDABLE and RENEWABLE solution that adapts to the needs of each user. 


Load energy management

Our story

The company was founded in 2019 by two visionaries, who wanted to make their contribution to this energy revolution.

Every day we challenge ourselves to develop the best intelligence for EV charging until we become the preferred global market leader.

Today we have become a diverse family of highly skilled engineers and professionals, who share these values and are dedicated to delivering the best solution for your business.

Meet the team



Jan Köster ​

Jan is a tech strategy & sales executive with 20+ Years experience in international B2B sales, strategy and product management.



Max Brandt​

Max is an EV enthusiast and entrepreneur with both technical and business degrees. His role is to translate between the engineering and the business development at FLEXeCHARGE


Business Development

Cosima Sommer

Cosima is an innovative thinker who is always looking for more efficient ways of doing things. She holds a degree in Commercial Engineering and has an entrepreneurial spirit.



Alan Verri

Alan is passionate about digital marketing and emerging technologies. He is doing his Master in Economics at RUC and his main goal is to contribute to better communication and a data-driven culture.


Software Developer

Márton Leitold

Márton is Computer Science student studying at DTU. He is responsible for adding new features to the code and ensuring that bugs not go undetected.


Software developer

Thjorve Laß

Thjorve is a mechatronics engineer with over 10 years of experience in software development. He joined FLEXeCHARGE while working on his thesis about a decentral EV load management architecture. He is responsible for coordinating the embedded software development at FLEXeCHARGE.


Software Developer

Szabolcs Garda

Szabolcs is a mechatronical engineer and currently studying computer science. He is interested in embedded hardware- and software design. As member of the software development team at FLEXeCHARGE, he is working on embedded software.

Broder Brodersen

Field Engineer

Broder Brodersen

Broder coordinates the team responsible for delivering our smart solution to the charging stations.

Join us

Be part of this energy revolution and join us on our journey to create innovative solutions for EV charging.

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